Matrimonial investigations for law firms

Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness, evidence is necessary before the Judge

Matrimonial investigations focused on marital unfaithfulness represent a sector  of excellence for Federalpol. Not surprisingly, the synergies with law firms in this case are very strong.

Increasingly widespread matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness

The need for a divorce lawyer has grown together with the number of separations and divorce. It is therefore essential for professionals to count on qualified and expert partners able to carry out detailed and accurate matrimonial investigations.

Why turn to an investigation agency

The use of a private investigation agency is essential for a law firm. In fact, due to the growing number of cases, a lawyer must rely on specific and detailed information thus to draw the evidence with legal requirements and facilitate the successful closure of each practice.

Marital unfaithfulness

In a well-worn relationship, one of the root causes of separation first and then divorce, is nearly always the marital infidelity. The spouse, tired of the betrayal attitude of the partner often turns to the lawyer. For the lawyer, at this point, it's important to rely to a private investigator able to operate according to the law in force

The final report

The investigator finally provides a report which includes whatever is necessary for the lawyer to corroborate his client's request before the Court. This document will include all those elements and evidence that cannot be ignored by the Judge; confirmations of possible infidelity will be shown and deepened together with other relevant aspects. For example if the partner's infatuation with another person may have economically damaged the family or if the extra-marital relationship may have put at risk the entire family's health.
Further reprehensible moral conduct will also be highlighted, as a result of which the request for separation and divorce must be accepted. It will be therefore easier for the lawyer to grant the children's custody, thus to ensure their safety and the possibility of growing up in a healthy environment.

Matrimonial investigations and asset investigations

Among the investigations requested by the lawyer there are also those related to the sphere of property . It is crucial to get a detailed report on the unfaithful spouse's immovable and movable property. Based on this document, the Judge will define the amount of the alimony payment for the former spouse and the children.

Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness in short

  • They fasten the fulfilment times for law firms to process the files
  • They allow to obtain evidence with legal value
  • They give the family the means to better protect themselves from a financial and health point of view
  • They help at quantifying the alimony payment
  • They grant children's custody in favour of the client

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