Direct connection CCIA and Land Registry

CCIA and Register, prompt investigations thanks to a direct connection

The direct connection with the CCIA, the Land Registry and the Conservatory of Notarial Acts, allows Federalpol to provide law firms with a reliable service related to properties, commercial, industrial and handicraft activities, people, entrepreneurs and professionals.

CCIA and Land Registry, the chamber of commerce

The investigation agency has activated a direct link, with the aim to offer its customers a truly turnkey service. At the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handcrafts it is possible to trace the corporate composition of small, medium and large companies, providing law firms with the required documentation in real time. In case of investigations on professionals and entrepreneurs, it's also possible to trace all the companies in whose organisation chart they occupy a certain role. 

The Land Registry

The connection with the Land Registry is equally important, through which it is actually possible to obtain cadastral maps, related to any type of property. The documents also contain the name of the individual (or individuals) to whom the assets are registered. These research are useful in the field of property and assets investigations.

Assets Investigations

Federalpol can also provide mortgage inspection services to law firms, aimed to verify a prior mortgage on the property. In this case the synergy with the lawyers must be continuous in order to develop a highly customised service, fully in line with the client's requests

Quick times

The direct connection with the CCIA and the Land Registry allows to carry out any verification in real time, thus to promote the activity of the law firms. Even in this case Federalpol is able both to provide the required documentation and to read and interpret any possible extract, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time for lawyers / clients.

Direct connection CCIA and Land Registry

  • It allows to collect aby possible documentation in real time
  • Documents are read and interpreted by Federalpol professionals
  • Customised service according to requests, thanks to the helpful staff and the cooperation with the law firms
  • It is useful for asset investigations, on entrepreneurs, companies and natural persons
  • The mortgage inspection allows lawyers to ascertain the presence of any previous mortgages on properties
  • The public information contained in the databases of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handcrafts, Land Registry and Land Office can be integrated with unofficial information verified by the correspondent network of Federalpol

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