Commercial information for companies

How take the market: commercial information

A successful company or professional must get to know new customers, suppliers and competitors and operate through an effective commercial information service. Federalpol Investigazioni provides a quality, effective and timely service.

Commercial information necessary for a healthy company

FederalPol Investigazioni, with the help of a very qualified staff, is able to collect any information about companies, professional firms and also natural persons. This activity is accurately performed and ends with the provision of detailed reports, which are documents available both online or on paper. Knowing all the realities close to your company is crucial to set up a healthy ecosystem, in which all partners and customers are distinguished by their efficient and fair conduct.

Always updated data and analysis

Federalpol Investigazioni always updates data and analyses and makes economic and financial reports available to the customer. Analysts also provide the rating of the company with which the client wants to establish a new economic and collaborative relationship. A hightly technical analysis is carried out to deeply evaluate customers, suppliers, competitors, and market and sector trends.

Commercial information provided by Federalpol Investigazioni

Thanks to long experience in this sector, the investigation agency, is actually able to detect payment behaviours, company structure, corporate ties and any possible shareholding. It can even trace back to the company organization chart, find balance sheets over recent years and negative or positive information on the company under examination, on its shareholders and associated companies, ascertaining also past and present legal events. This complex work is made possible by a network of collaborators and the integration of official and unofficial data.

Make the best decisions

The companies that rely on Federalpol can count on a qualified partner able to quickly meet any possible need. This can allow managers and entrepreneurs to make the best decisions within the shortest time, favouring virtuous cycles and thwart negative synergies. Commercial information and reports on competing companies will instead allow the production flow to be modulated based on their overall health (rating).

How to access services

The commercial information service provided by the agency is accessible also online through a consumer or scaled-down contract. Qualified operators are available for customers for consultancy, doubts or integration requests.

Commercial information in short

  • They help in making commercial credit decisions
  • They allow to better evaluate a company reliability 
  • They allow to deeply get to know customers and suppliers, checking any restructuring processes and the financial situation
  • In this way there's no waste of time and resources, and a single report with the information is provided, thus to avoid the customer to carry out several searches on different databases.

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