Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness

Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness

Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness are both daily occurrence for Federalpol. The number of marriages ending due to the betrayal by one of the spouses, is actually constantly increasing.

When are matrimonial and marital unfaithfulness investigations are recommended?

Those who turn to Federalpol to request this type of service are usually motivated by behavioural changes in their partner, such as: the partner never separates from his /her mobile phone; he/she has suddenly changed habits, look and outfits, apparently with no reason, even taking great care of the physical form. Every time a suspicious grows in all this cases, Federalpol private investigators recommend to investigate.

Why is it useful to turn to private investigators?

Adultery has negative implications that involve the whole family and undoubtedly represents the end of the relationship of trust in the couple, so as to often generate serious depressive crises in the betrayed partner. The most serious aspect of adulterous behaviour is to jeopardise the health of the whole family. In fact, any infections contracted in the clandestine relationship can be transmitted to all components. Furthermore, betrayal can undermine the economic stability of the family; there are actually several cases in which the adulterous spouse, due to the infatuation for another person, places at her/his disposal huge sums of money.

Federalpol method

"Establishing the adultery is a reason for separation before the court. The investigation agencies in Sesto San Giovanni e Ascoli Piceno make use of expert private investigators in order to find evidence that is judicially valid to obtain separation with alimony payment. The intervention of professionals occurs through the latest electronic equipment, guaranteeing an ironclad result. Depending on the agreements made in the preliminary phase with the client, stalking will be carried out, making video and taking photos able to prove adultery. The staff is also available to meet the client's lawyer, to which delivery the required material.

Not only adultery

The adulterous behaviour of one of the partners is not the only factor that establishes the separation with alimony payment, in fact the bad morality can also be another common cause. This will involve the separation and also children's custody to the applicant spouse.

Alimony payment

Federalpol is actually to provide the client or his lawyer, with the useful information to quantify alimony payment amount for the ex-spouse or children. This service, upon request, includes the performing of asset investigations, with the aim to determine the scope of the movable and immovable property and of the adulterous spouse's working income.

Matrimonial investigations and marital unfaithfulness in short

  • They provide great safety and serenity to the betrayed partner
  • They help to ensure the family financial security 
  • They allow to mitigate the health risks of the whole family
  • They are made to collect conclusive evidence
  • They may involve information useful to quantify the alimony payment for the spouse and the children
  • The bad morality of one of the parents favours the children's custody to the applicant partner

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